Our Mission Statement

Our community is founded on praise and worship. Above all else we offer up our thanks and adoration to God.

We believe God wants our church to grow, that through our witness and fellowship others may receive the joy that comes from accepting and proclaiming Jesus as Lord.

We believe that God wants us, with our fellow Christians of other traditions, to proclaim the Gospel by our lives and example in the world.

We believe that the Holy Spirit will strengthen us to meet the challenges that growth may bring. We trust that the Spirit will give us the openness to welcome neighbours we have never seen before, the confidence, faith and fellowship to welcome those for whom the Church is an unknown country, the boldness to embrace change and the love to show unconditional care for others and responsibility to Godís creation.

We know that through the Word and Sacraments, study, prayer and the devotional life of our church, God will sustain us as we seek to build a lively and growing church of all ages and backgrounds, an open door leading to Christís kingdom.

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